Hilliard PreschoolAs you are going on tour’s of different preschool and daycare centers, please ask yourself and the tour guide these important questions.

What is your disciplinary policy?

What is your illness policy?

What is your staff turnover rate?

Is your staff trained in CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease and Child Abuse?

What’s the caregiver-child ratio in each group?

Do you feed babies on demand or by schedule?

Are babies placed on their back to sleep and do you follow other safe sleep practices to reduce the risk of SIDS?

What is your potty training policy?

What is your disaster plan? Do you have procedures for fires, earthquakes, intruders and other emergencies?

What is the release policy?

What is the weekly tuition?

Are meals included in the weekly tuition?

When are payments due?

Is there a late payment fee?



Be sure to ask yourself the following questions after your visit:

Did the staff and children seem engaged and happy?

Did the caregivers cuddle the babies?

Was their tone friendly and caring?

Were crying children responded to immediately?

Was the center a warm, welcoming safe environment?