Valentine’s Day Books Kids Will Love

February is all about love since Valentine’s Day is the 14th. And when you want to spread the love to your kids what better way than to read to them? Here are a few books that will make your Valentine’s Day even more special. Valentine’s Day is Cool (Pete the Cat Series) Pete’s feelings about [...]

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Build a Strong Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher:

Building a strong parent-teacher partnership is a win/win for everyone involved, especially your child. Take the time to truly get to know each teacher… it’s important to have a professional yet comfortable relationship with your child’s teacher so they feel comfortable having open dialogue with you about your family’s and child’s needs. Remember to say thank [...]

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This Holiday Season give the gift of Love and Laughter.

This Holiday Season give the gift of Love and Laughter. As time passes way to soon it seems there’s not much time to always say the things I wanted to share with my friends and family. We all have very busy lives, and sometimes we don’t stay in touch quite as often as we’d like. [...]

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The Importance of Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent -Teacher Conferences give you an opportunity to increase communication between families and your child’s teacher, they keep families informed about their child's progress, and the teachers then share their developed plan for your child. A time to celebrate your child’s successes!  

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A Quality Program

  A quality Child Care/ Preschool Program has endless positive effects on young children. Children that have spent a significant amount of time being cared for and learning in a quality program have notably improved social skills over their stay at home with mommy or daddy counterparts. The children exhibit vastly improved sharing skills, problem [...]

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10 good reasons your child should attend preschool.

Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school. 1. Preschool is an opportunity for growth. 2. Preschool prepares children for kindergarten. 3. Preschool promotes social and emotional development. 4. The preschool environment is structured, although it may not appear that way. 5. Children get [...]

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The Preschool Tour.

"Check Us Out" There is more to a tour than just walking through the classrooms, receiving a packet and getting the "elevator" speech about a program! Check out our newest location in Dublin and see what you have been missing. Schedule your tour today

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Building a Child’s Vocabulary

Language and literacy are important components of any preschool classroom and building a child’s vocabulary is a key component in facilitating language and literacy. Vocabulary isn’t just a word wall. A word wall draws attention to new words and words in print but…. Vocabulary is about building meaning and understanding which comes from putting words [...]

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How to Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu-Season

Everyone wants their child to feel good, year-round, including during the cold and flu season. It isn’t possible for your child to never get sick, but you can reduce the chances of your child catching a cold or flu this winter by stopping the spread of germs. Here are some tips for how to stop [...]

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Are you thinking about Potty Training?

Are you thinking about potty training but not sure when to start? When your child starts showing signs of readiness like pulling their diaper or pull ups off after soiling it, curiosity about the potty, or attempting to sit on the potty may mean now is the time. I have been an early childcare provider [...]

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