Preschool Program in Hilliard, OH and Dublin, OH

Preschool Program + Curriculum in Hilliard, OH and Dublin, OH

At Foundations Learning Academy, your child can enroll in our preschool program and prepare for school in a safe and nurturing environment. After assessing each preschooler’s knowledge and development level, our highly trained teachers can provide unique learning experiences and personalized lesson plans that meet each child’s individual needs.

Your preschooler will learn the following concepts with our highly trained staff

  • Approaches to learning
  • Physical development and healthy habits
  • Yoga exercise and poses
  • Social and emotional development
  • Literacy knowledge and skills
  • Mathematics, Science and Social studies knowledge and skills
  • Creative arts expression
  • Logic and reasoning
  • English and Spanish language development

We help preschoolers prepare for school academically and socially

Our preschool program encourages and challenges kids in traditional topics such as English, math and science, while adding more creative classes like Spanish, yoga and art. Trained in early childhood development, our teachers also help preschoolers learn responsibility, self-expression and compassion so they can become well-rounded, independent individuals.

An educational, creative and physical focus

Child development for preschoolers includes learning how to communicate with others and make new friends. We also nurture children’s creativity by encouraging them to explore their ideas and talents. On a physical level, our teachers help the kids develop and improve their motor skills so they can grow into healthy bodies. It’s all part of our unique curriculum designed especially with preschoolers in mind.

Find out what your preschooler is doing with the PreciouStatus app

By using the PreciouStatus app to keep up with your preschooler you’ll get updates during the day regarding their eating, learning and playtime activities. Parents love this app because it keeps you connected to your child and informed on their progress. From serious times to silly times, we’ll send private, personal photos that you can download from your phone. early childhood education

Preschool healthy happy lunch.

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