Pre K Program at Foundations Learning Academy

Additional Information

At Foundations Learning Academy, our pre-K program features a unique curriculum designed to advance your child’s skills in core academic areas and ensure school readiness. Our goal is to prepare each child for kindergarten in an encouraging and safe environment. To help your child on an individual basis, our teachers can modify the Pre-K program based on each student’s learning and developmental level.

Your child will learn the following concepts with our highly trained staff

  • Approaches to learning
  • Physical development and healthy habits
  • Yoga exercise and poses
  • Social and emotional development
  • Literacy knowledge and skills
  • Mathematics, Science and Social studies knowledge and skills
  • Creative arts expression
  • Logic and reasoning
  • English and Spanish language development

Our Pre-K classes prepare children for kindergarten and beyond

Pre-K programs are critical to children’s long-term success. Early childhood learning can impact cognitive and emotional growth along with social and verbal skills and better equip your child for kindergarten. There are so many amazing benefits of our pre-K program, including learning advanced reading, math and vocabulary skills, building confidence and learning how to work independently. All these classes combined help put kids on the fast track towards academic success.

Why local kindergarten teachers love us

Did you know 90% of our students can read before they start kindergarten? That’s just one example of why our Pre-K program is so important. Our curriculum is designed to teach and develop children using various traditional approaches to learning, and ensure each child is prepared and productive.

Benefits of teaching your child Spanish

At Foundations Learning Academy, we introduce children to a second language as part of our normal curriculum. Why Spanish? Not only is Spanish one of the most popular languages for children in the U.S. today, teaching it at an early age is easier because a young child has a better capacity to learn unfamiliar words and adapt to new grammar rules than adults.

How an app can keep you connected to your Pre-K kid

We are proud to offer free access to the PreciouStatus app. Parents love using this app because it keeps them connected to their child and able to check in anytime while they’re at work or otherwise away. After signing up, family members can receive private, real-time photos, updates and bulletins about their child throughout each day.

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